Covid-19 Updates

With the re-opening of the Devonport Community House, we’re excited to be able to reopen the library on Saturday 30 May. As we’re only allowed in the space for a maximum of two hours, our sessions will be slightly shorter than usual (9-10.30am) to allow for set up and pack down.

Visiting the library

  • Only one person from each family should come to the library. No children please.
  • We will have a maximum of 10 people in the library at any one time, so you may have to wait a few minutes outside the door if the library is full.
  • Please fill in the contact tracing form and sanitise your hands before entering.
  • If you or anyone in your family are feeling unwell please stay home.
  • Keep one meter distance from other people while in the library.
  • The Community House kitchen and bathrooms will be off limits.

Cleaning toys

  • Please clean and dry the toys before you return them.
  • Toys will be quarantined for a week before they are returned to circulation.

Please feel free to bring your current toys back over the next month. There’s no rush to have them all back on week one, and no overdue fees will be charged.

Committee members will help with the first session while we put these new processes in place, after which we’ll look at how our duty memberships will work going forward with your input.

All memberships have been extended by 10 weeks to cover the amount of time that we have been closed.